Heroes Workers Lived in a Factory to Make Raw PPE Materials To Fight Coronavirus

28 Days Workers Lived in a Factory to Make Raw PPE Materials To Fight Coronavirus
28 Days Workers Lived in a Factory to Make Raw PPE Materials To Fight Coronavirus

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the whole world is struggling to fight the virus and with a lack of a cure, the fight is becoming more difficult. Thousands of Doctors are risking their lives to treat patients and cure this deadly virus. But in this difficult time, few unsung heroes are living and working in factories, day and night, to make millions of pounds of raw PPE material to fight coronavirus. These are the factory workers who are living apart from their families to work in this coronavirus crisis. Everyone is praising the efforts of doctor and police personals but does anyone has ever bothered about how these people are residing inside a factory locked for 28 days without comfort. These workers volunteered to work in this difficult time and have done a great job since the start. With a limited space to work and reside, they are working in extreme conditions.

Petrochemical Factory

With the rise in the number of cases, more amount of PPE material is required by doctors to prevent themselves from the virus. To complete the demand, the workers are working day and night in the factory to overcome the odds. Since in this lockdown it is better to stay inside, the workers are residing at their work premises. Since it is a factory, it cannot give comfort like home, and also while doing this hard work, they are lacking an adequate amount of supplies for their well being.

Workers Working in Factory

Although govt, as well as factory authority, are taking well care of workers, still it is a difficult task to keep workers out of the reach of coronavirus as procurement and dispatch of material happens on daily basis and even with proper sanitization, they are still prone to catch the virus. Moreover, workers are working in extreme conditions in a closed limited space. Rules are made in the factory to avoid spreading this deadly virus i.e. COVID-19 by maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks all the time. Workers are not allowed to go outside the factory as it will increase the risk of someone interacting with the virus. The factory authority has arranged space for workers to rest, replaces office pantry with a mess to supply everyone with food. Authority has also provided the workers with necessary hygiene and medication.

With their hard work and determination to help during the difficult times of coronavirus, the workers have managed to make millions of pounds of facemasks, surgical gown and other stuff in personal protective equipment to help doctors to save their life. Therefore we should also appreciate the efforts made by these workers and factory labors who volunteered themselves to work under pressure and in difficult conditions to develop these PPE kits. These workers are waiting for the day and all this gets over and they can pack their bags to go home. During this crisis, every effort is countless, and living in a factory locked for 28 days to make PPE kits is a great effort.



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