Disabled Woman Without Arms Doing Great Job Using A Sewing Machine And Her Feet

Disabled Woman Without Arms Has Been Making Masks Using A Sewing Machine

Nothing can stop you if you have the desire to do something. People with desire have learned to overcome their disabilities. This is the story of Norfarrah Syahirah Shaari, a 32-year-old woman who born with a disability. She was born without hands therefore; her life was dependent over others. But she refused to be dependent and found ways to overcome her disability. She defies her disability and proves the world how capable she is by making a mask using a sewing machine with her feet.

Disabled Woman Without Arms Has Been Making Masks Using A Sewing Machine


Norfarrah is the resident of Selangor, Malaysia where she is making a mask for the hospital staff to overcome the shortage of supply. As everyone is already aware of the worldwide crisis due to COVID-19 and shortage of personal protection equipment, the Woman without Arms took the task to supply the hospital staff with a mask to avoid jeopardy in health care staff. She spent her entire life proving that disability is just an excuse to avoid a task. She has used legs for day to day work and in this current pandemic, her determination will be made precedent.

Disabled Woman Without Arms Has Been Making Masks Using A Sewing Machine And Her Feet

Health care staff are risking their life to cure people of this deadly virus but to prevent their body from catching COVID-19, they need protective equipment. But due to a shortage in supply, with people like Norfarrah, things become a little easy. If the doctors and other health care staff can risk their lives to fight the coronavirus pandemic then everyone should support them. With this thought, she joined a community that provides the front liner with personal protective equipment.

Norfarrah has volunteered to work with Teluk Intan Community College’s Program that is making a mask to supply to the hospital. She is working with 34 other people who have volunteered to work at the community college to make a mask. They are using a sewing machine to stitch mask for health care staff but her skills to use sewing machines have developed a lot earlier.  A woman working with such a dedication also boosts motivation to her fellow co-volunteers and makes protective equipment for the front-liners who are risking their lives to the fist coronavirus pandemic.

Disabled Woman Without Arms Has Been Making Masks Using A Sewing Machine And Her Feet


With an interview with Newsflare, she said “I have learned how to use the sewing machine around eight years ago as I need customized clothes for my body. It was hard on the first day but after a lot of hard work and patience I finally could use it swiftly.” This woman is proving every day that a disabled person can also help. She proves that anyone can make a difference.

Norfarrah proved the world that even without arms she can still help and do the impossible. Others might see her with a disability but she sees herself as a challenge. This is not a simple thing to do and one cannot even think that a person without arms can use a sewing machine. But this woman proved everyone wrong by showing how capable she is even without her arms. We salute to the heroes like Norfarrah who are dedicated and always come forward to help.


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