When a 36-year-old Pamela was diagnosed with pandemic coronavirus, her mother Zoila was devastated. The chances for Pamela to recover were a little low as she was suffering from Down syndrome which is a genetic disorder that causes abnormality in cell division. That was terrible news and her mother was depressed with it. She was concern about her daughter if she could survive or not.

“When doctors told me that Pamela had coronavirus, my legs almost fell,” she told WSVN.

When Pamela was diagnosed with coronavirus symptoms, she was admitted to Kendall Regional Hospital in Miami, Florida. Pamela’s Down syndrome doesn’t specifically put her to the risk but some other factors could increase her risk.

Shortly after Pamela was admitted to the hospital, she was intubated. The doctors told Zoila that there was no hope for Pamela to recover. Pamela’s condition was going down and doctors had put her in ICU to stabilize her case. This makes Zoila even more anxious. She can’t even think about life without her daughter.

Woman with Down syndrome given little chance of survival recovers from coronavirus

“I was lost without my daughter,” Zoila said.

Zoila was losing hope as her 36-year-old daughter fought for her life. All she could do is stand by her daughter’s side and pray to the all mighty. She has a lot of of faith in God and prayed for her daughter’s life. She also mentioned that the good thing about being in that hospital is that the doctors didn’t lose hope even when they very well aware her daughter’s condition was weak due to her previous medical conditions.

Woman with Down syndrome given little chance of survival recovers from coronavirus

Finally, after the 10 tensed days in ICU, Pamela’s condition was improved and after spending 15 days in the hospital, she was released from the hospital. She is a fighter and had recovered from coronavirus. The doctors did an excellent job and Pamela has overcome the novel coronavirus even with her Down syndrome. Zoila appreciates the efforts made by medical staff to cure the novel diseases and gratitude them.

Woman With Down Syndrome Recovers From Coronavirus

“I just have a lot of faith in God. I believed in God. It was the best thing to be in this hospital. They did a very, very nice job. Excellent,” Zoila said.

At first, there was very little hope for Pamela to recover but she is a fighter. She overcomes all the odds and has fully recovered. Her mother had faith in her daughter and God. She didn’t listen to the doctors did not believe that she could survive. She prayed to God for her daughter’s well-being and now she is coming back home.

The main thing in Pamela’s case is that they never lost hope and continues to fight. One more life saved from the novel virus that affects the entire globe. Every survivor has a story behind their recovery. The story of Pamela was heart touching and her mother gratitude everyone who help in saving her daughter.


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