Prejudice against somebody based on something as insignificant as the look is really abhorrent behavior, but sadly social networking has given individuals a stage to become nasty to one another while benefitting from comparative anonymity.

Melissa Blake knows this only too well.  A writer, she had been told by online trolls she was”too ugly” to post photographs of herself.  Obviously, Melissa was hurt by the remarks, which came after she wrote a post to  CNN back in 2019.

After the article went live, a YouTuber shared a photograph of her, just for hundreds of people to then attack her appearance.  Melissa, that has Freeman Sheldon syndrome — a disorder characterized by abnormalities of the head and face and defects of the feet and hands — was labeled a blobfish’ plus also a whale’, amongst other things.  As opposed to allow the ailing trolls to bully her to melancholy, but she chose to make a stand in a really unique way.

Melissa took to Twitter using a post that read: “Throughout the previous round of tollgate, folks said that I must be prohibited from posting pictures of myself because I am too ugly.  So I would like to commemorate the event with those 3 selfies…”

This particular tweet gained lots of grip on the internet, with people flooding to Melissa’s defense.  Nevertheless, the author was not finished there.  No, after she had been told she had been so awful she should really be”banned” for carrying selfies, Melissa went to place a selfie daily for a year.

Because of this, her subsequent on Instagram has risen from 7,500 to 100,000.  Together with the pictures she posted daily, 39-year-old Melissa also addressed issues such as disabilities.  “There was something that they had in common: Every selfie really reflected my character and who I used to be.  Each was a celebration, and each carried a message”

She continued: “it is a method of taking my power back and painting a much more precise image of handicap.  Since the one, we’ve got today?  It is more 1950 compared to 2020 — filled with myths which often only reveal disabled individuals as drains on society.  On the contrary, we lead full lives and I am so proud I managed to demonstrate that for a whole calendar year.”


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