What are the Options For Students Post Completing Graduation for Students in Australia


Australia is home to multiple reputed universities such as the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, etc. Many students from around the globe reach here for their graduation courses. Now that the session is coming to its end students are in confusion about what to do next. Students either choose to stay or move back to their homes.

In case you choose to stay Back in Australia, here are a few ptions you can consider

Pursue Higher Studies

Some students prefer to stay and opt for higher education in their respective fields. Graduate diplomas or masters allow them to have a better portfolio and obtain the right job. Since Australia has many renowned universities, students can choose to pursue higher education either in their current university or migrate to other institutions. Before applying to the university, make sure you have done the following.

  • Apply for a new student visa by contacting the Department of Home affairs.
  • Extend the health cover, i.e. Overseas students health cover (OSHC)
  • Retain enough money for studies and living expenses
  • Work in Australia

Professional Year Programme (PYP)

Many students put their skills to the test by opting to work in Australia. The accounting, engineering, and computer science graduates of Australian universities are eligible for the Professional year program or PYP. It is a one year program that increases the employability of students. Also, 5 points are earned in the skilled migrant visa point test. This helps them to obtain permanent residency without any hindrances.

Work in Australia

Extend your present work

In the case of the students who were already working while doing their graduation, they can either ask the employer to sponsor them through the Employer nomination scheme. It can either be a temporary or permanent sponsorship. In this clause, they can stay in Australia until they work for the same employer.

Work and Travel

Students who want to travel around Australia and also work here can apply for the ”work and holiday visa”. Candidates from selected countries aged 18 to 30 can apply for the same and get the visa that lets them stay here for 12 months.

Get the temporary visa

The Australian government provides skilled graduate temporary visas for those intending to extend their stay a little longer. In this period, the students can work, travel and maybe attend their graduation day also. It is also useful to those looking forward to applying for permanent residency.


Graduates who prefer to return to their respective countries sometimes wish for a small break traveling around Australia. Such candidates can apply for a tourist visa or contact with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship temporary visas (DIAC).

Stay Permanently in Australia

Student visa holders with two years of study in Australia qualify for permanent residency. The government also considers the point test when providing the same.

Flyback home

If you don’t want to stay in Australia, you can always return home. Few things to accomplish before returning home are-

  • Cancel electricity, mobile phone, and water connection after paying the final bill.
  • Discard all the large furniture as they can’t be taken back.
  • Finish your lease and hand over the key in case you rented the space.
  • Join the alumni group of your institution. It helps you stay connected with the institute and be aware of any new opportunities.

Australian education is considered superior among many countries around the globe. Getting your skilled from universities here can be fruitful and help to grab the job of your dreams. Hence, be aware that you have the best education and opt only for a job that pays you well at all levels.


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