Wildfire has been on the increase, and its control is now a challenge in California and pacific North on Wednesday. More than six people have lost their lives, and many are left homeless in the county. Oregon governor acknowledged that in the last 24 hours, the state had experienced unexpected fire with increasing loss of wealth and life.

This could be the highest and greatest loss of life and wealth as a result of a wildfire in state history. In Washington, the Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz noted that the least has happened and that the fire has killed a 7-years old child. Over 163,000 acres of land are under the wildfire. Yet the blaze is extending midway towards Seattle and Spokane.

The pain that families are going through is unfathomable, their livestock, farms, and family members are no more because of the fire, yet it is still on the increase. Citizens are up asking the federal government to offer help via the military more than it is currently doing so that the wildfire can be managed.


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