UK Police Recover A Ming Dynasty Vase Worth $3 Million Stolen From Switzerland

Ming Dynasty Vase

The Metropolitan Police showed an undated handout photo of the stolen 15th century Chinese Ming Dynasty vase which the Metropolitan police have recovered recently under a Specialist Crime operation.


The Details 

Recently, the British police said they have recovered a Chinese vase that belongs to the 15th century and is valued at 2.5 million pounds ($3.3 million) and that it was stolen last year in Switzerland.

The Metropolitan Police told the media on Friday, Oct. 23, 2020 they have arrested two men for the robbery of a Ming Dynasty vase, which is believed to have been stolen in Switzerland during a Swiss collection organized in June 2019 and a London-based crime gang is behind all this.

The two suspects, aged 42 and 44 were found trading at the London tony Mayfair area last week where the people noticed them handling suspicious goods. For now, both are out on bail till mid-November.

Detective Chief Inspector Jimi Tele of the Specialist Crime Unit said this is a significant step towards taking down what remains of the complex investigation into this high-value robbery.

He also told there’s a lucrative illegal market for such valuable Chinese antiquities, and over the past few years there have been several high-profile robberies as such, including the string of robberies at the British museums and auction houses from 2012 that netted in not just figurines but jade bowls and other items with value ranging in millions.

The British police have said the vase will be returned back to Switzerland.

A Ming Dynasty Proclein

The Ming Dynasty was officially ruled by The Great Ming and was the ruling dynasty of China during 1368 and 1644. The Ming dynasty ruled by Jan Chinese was the last ruling imperial dynasty of China. The Ming dynasty was renowned for its trade expansion for the outside world which helped them establish cultural ties with the West. The Ming dynasty is also remembered for its drama, literature, and most importantly their world-renowned porcelain.