My son and I are in Myrtle Beach, carrying a sunset walk when this sweet and adorable little girl comes walking up to him. The young girl shares with him a shark tooth around her neck. My son tells her his name and asks her name, which she tells him. The two parts ways while saying goodbye, walking oppositely. Two minutes later, she comes back running, yelling out my son’s name, turns around and greets him with a smile.  They discuss a couple of words, mainly on shark tooth. Before they talked, walked, and raced, I asked her mom to take a picture, and this was the outcome.

Nobody positioned them, told them to smile at each other. There were absolutely no hesitations on their part at all. When it was time to part ways, the two little children hugged for long and exchanged about 15 goodbyes. It is a moment that we parents understand as simply seeing no race, no color lines, no hate, no judgment.  It is pure….two children meeting on a sunset walk with no care in the world, all they found was each other. The world would be a better place if we acted like these two young ones.


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