Two Amish Brothers, Who Repeatedly Raped Their own sister would not Do Prison Time

Two Amish brothers, who repeatedly raped their very own sister had been spared prison sentences despite being found guilty.

The 22-year-old Aaron Schwartz and his 18-year-old brother Petie Schwartz of the Amish community at the Seymour area of Webster County, Missouri, sexually abused their sister together with their two younger brothers.  The victim, now 13 years old, was impregnated by these brothers gave birth to her baby before this month.

The episode came to light following the adolescent consulted with a physician.  The physician then notified the authorities about the dreadful crime.  In the investigations that followed, the girl told investigators that she had been mistreated with four of her brothers.  The juvenile brothers weren’t billed considering their age.

The two brothers were initially charged with two counts of third-degree child molestation of a child below the age of 14.  They had been given 10 years at the Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) on the initial count and a five-year DOC sentence on the next count.  On the other hand, the sentence was suspended because of the age of the perpetrators following a plea deal.

“At the end, this was not an instance of a parent and child, in which a parent in a place of authority sexually abused or manipulated his or her youngster.  This was a circumstance where four brothers engaged in acts together with their sister.  I provided a 15-year prison sentence according to this… that it was a distinct connection.  And I decided never to send them into the DOC, to suspend the phrases,” prosecutor Ben Berkstresser stated.

Their 10 years was substituted with a five-year custody period.  The accused were asked to complete the Missouri Sex Offender Treatment Program.  Furthermore, they need to do 100 hours of community service and write an apology letter into the Amish community at the Seymour area.  The accused are also registered sex offenders for life.

“Both young men need to write a letter to me, describing how they will protect their kids from this happening. They have 30 days to present this letter to me personally.  They’ll go to prison when the Missouri Sex Offender Treatment Program is not finished within a year.  This will not be easy for them to perform, but I assure you they’ll face  the consequences in the event the app isn’t finished.  And that outcome is going to be jail,” said Berkstresser.  The prosecutor further told the press that the community has said they have imposed”very intense” punishments about the accused.  On the other hand, the punishments are still unknown.