Tiny Baby-girl Cuddles Twin-brother After Doctors Say She Wouldn’t Survive

Tiny Baby-girl Cuddles Twin-brother After Doctors Say She Wouldn’t Survive

A tiny baby girl cuddles her twin brother for the first time after her birth. A miracle her parents thought would never happen. 

It is news no parent ever wants to hear. A mom gave birth to twins but her doctor told her one of the babies would not make it.  

Tiny Baby-girl cuddles twin-brother for first time 

Laura Hough was expecting twin children. Finally on March 8th she gave birth to Baby Neve and her twin-brother Louie. The doctor had to do an emergency C-section. After the chemistry the doctors told Neve was not getting enough nutrients. 

The twins of Laura and husband Chris Carey, were premature at birth. And the doctor told the parents that Nave would not make it. 

The  27-year-old became a mom for the first time. She said she was prepared for the worst during her pregnancy. Since she knew about Neva’s deteriorating placenta from day one. Laura told Liverpool Echo she had carried the babies for a good few weeks. But she always got told the girl will not make it. 

Tiny baby-girl cuddles twin-brother. Proud parents with the twins.

The doctors wanted to get the pregnancy or at least 30 weeks in so they could perform a C-section. But at birth it was Louie who showed signs of difficulty. 

Lura recalls after giving birth Neva was fine, as she didn’t need any oxygen. Rather it was Louie whose lungs had air in them and they collapsed. 

So the doctors had to drain the air out of the lungs. 

The kids at birth

Little Neva and her ‘big’ twin brother Louie were born early and got separated at birth. 

Louie had size on his side and weighed 3lbs while Neva was hardly over 1lb.

So the doctors decided to separate the babies at birth so they both could get the treatment they needed. 

A sweet reunion of two little angels! 

Two weeks after the separation, the two tiny fighters are together and they gave each other a cuddle as well. 

The parents of the twins have documented the entire twins journey since their birth.  

Laura is from Merseyside, England and said, one baby from Louie’s nursery was being moved to a different unit. So, the nurses brought Neva down and placed her in the same unit as her brother. 

The next day they placed her in the same incubator as her brother. 

The twins ended up placing their arms over each other. Their legs crossed and held hands. Neva even tried to put her hands around his neck and it was funny to watch them. 

Laura told how the fighting spirit of the babies kept the doctors motivated during the stressful and harrowing stay at the hospital. 

The doctors are also surprised to see a baby like her. She’s so small and was surviving without needing to take any oxygen. 

They said she’s smaller than a baby’s doll yet she is doing so well. Which is totally unbelievable. 

It’s truly inspiring to know how the abates fought to live and hope the babies grow up together and have a blessed and healthy life. 

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