Children stand to be a blessing to many people in society and they fill the gap in the family with their happiness nature, however not many appreciate the stand of the children in the society. When a couple is blessed with a child the welcome nature of the child is extended to the society level. On that note, not many people in the society will appreciate a couple having a newborn and they will always look for a way to criticize them.

Amanda and Michael Biggs experienced unlimited joy in their hearts 6 years ago after welcoming their twin girls in their home, Millie, and Marcia. This was truly a good gift they had been blessed with. As time went by the parents realized that the two girls had a difference in terms of skin colors.

Millie’s fingers had started to have blown color intensification; this is a trend that continued as time went by. Soon her body was starting to become darker than that of Marcie. Amanda and Michael is an interracial couple, therefore skin color has never been a raising issue between the two. They had perceived by others, especially since from their home in Birmingham, the UK, this area had a racial discrimination tension.

The parents searched for the condition that was with their girls and they came to realize that was Atavism which is a very rare condition found among twin children. A teacher allegedly accused Amanda that she was lying about the girls being twins just because they had a different skin tone.

Millie and Marcia both have a passion to sing and dance and they have never felt any racism discrimination between them which is a good trend and should be applied in the whole society. Skin color cannot be a means of dividing us lets unit for a better world.


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