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How to get to Maui


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  • You can easily get to Hawaii using one of the airports located in Maui island which is one of the islands in Hawaii via an airplane that will mainly land at Kahului airport because is the main airport at Maui island.
  • There are also smaller airports namely Kapalua airport located in West Maui and Hana airport located in East of Maui.
  • You may also ruminate passing via Honolulu International Airport which is situated in Oahu then you can head to Maui using an airplane that will only take you 30 minutes from Oahu.

  • There exists a water mode of conveyance that offer ferry voyaging services to and from the Lanai Island which is an island close to the Maui Island.

Tips to consider when traveling using the airport

Tips to consider when traveling using the airport


  • Check-in luggage has been restrained to two for every person.
  • You should be careful not to have overweight bags restrictions for flying in the U.S are 50 pounds domestic flights and 70 pounds international flights, a flight from continental S to Maui is domestic.
  • You should also make only one item is allowed in terms of small carry-on items like laptop bags, camera pouches, briefcases, or any other material carried by hands. You should also label your laptop and baggage you have.
  • You should abide by the applauded airport arrival time having all your flight documents like passport, identification so as you can go through a security scan.


Where to stay when you Arrive At Hawaii

Where to stay when you Arrive At Hawaii

  • A wide list of places you can stay in is there so you are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation rooms.
  • Hotels and resorts are there to accommodate you in various places like Kaanapali, Kihei, Kapalua, and many other places.
  • You should also beware when renting out vocational rentals to avoid landing into false vacations houses which are illegal, so make sure the house you are staying is legal.

Fun activities and Picturesque sceneries to visit and do In Hawaii to watch and in Hawaii Island which you Can Enjoy

  • The major scenery which has been highlighted to attract many tourists on the islands of Hawaii is the Waikiki Beach and Diamond head state house monument.
  • Waikiki is famous for its entertainment, resorts, big shopping streams and other many activities which are offered there
  •  the following are some of the beautiful sceneries you can view: big islands Akaka falls’Molakai’s Halawa Valley, Maui’s Seven Sacred Pools an many other geographical and physical features
  • you can also enjoy your time at many of the beaches that surround the islands where you can do fun activities like beach sports, snorkeling and skiing, surfing, body boarding, and many other fun activities

Climatic Condition In Hawaii

  • The average temperature of Maui is 75-85 F.
  • April, November is drier and warmer and are the summer months while the winter months are December to March.
  • Generally, the leeward side is warmer while the windward is wetter.
  • If you want further information before traveling to the islands you can call the weather forecast officer using the following number:(808)973-5286. If you dial the number you will be assisted

Travelling Means Within Hawaii Islands.

  • Various ways pre-exist which you can use to travel within Maui and they include: tourist buses, taxi, shuttle and
  • There is an opportunity to reserve a charter car in advance from Kapalua or Kahului airport.

Currency Exchange and language To Be Used In Hawaii Islands

  • In Hawaii, the main currency is U.S dollars which you can exchange freely at any of the airports.
  • There are adequate ATMs and most of the credit cards are accepted
  • The main languages used are Hawaiian, English.
  • In receptions areas, there are representatives who speak Japanese

Electricity and Internet Connection

  • You don’t have to worry about electricity connection on the island since there is an electrical connection of about 120 volts.
  • There is also internet connection so you will stay connected through since the internet is readily available in the islands, but some remote areas may not have good connectivity because of the geographical mapping.

Agricultural checkup

  • Exportation of plants and animals, that are not checked-up is prohibited and requires affirmation from each person coming to Hawaii.
  • However, you can carry fruits and crisp flowers from Hawaii but they have to be scrutinized at the airport and only then you will be allowed to carry fruits to your home


The Area Codes are:

  • Area codes and numbers are phone numbers: (808)926-8274 of Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii.
  • You can reach them through the above number or visit their website for more information



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