With the race for 2021 dates, folks might likely need to make compromises to be sure for a date. After all, there’s no need to wait any longer. And, with couples still hoping that their fantasy marriage will be a reality by 2021, midweek might be the way forward.

Jon O’Brien and his fiancee Amy Wiltshire from Burscough decided to postpone their marriage due to COVID 19 pandemic. They’re planning to have one august this year. They were convinced that the previous set venue had it all although they didn’t want attendees to feel uneasy. While we are gutted to have to postpone the ceremony, we are fortunate in that our venue and providers could all easily change into the new date.

Jon O'Brien and his fiancée Amy Wiltshire Postpone their Marriage

Wedding pro of over 20 decades, kelly Mortimer, calls 2021 a bumper year that could offer a boost to the industry.   “Coronavirus will not stop celebrations and parties. Folks should anticipate weddings every day.”Kelly is unconvinced that numbers will be fewer in the coming days, even if government authorities restrict weddings to a maximum of 30 individuals.

Once folks there’s party and celebrations, everybody will let loose.  Guest lists will most likely grow.

“Dave Bevan, the founder of Alive Network, is optimistic that there is 2021 around the corner to the artists on his novels. Dave states that here will be government restrictions in place until the close of the year but he’s convinced that next year the limits will be a thing of the past.

Not all couples are ready to wait till next year to tie the knot. Bec Burrows and Rich Gale from Crosby, Merseyside have canceled their wedding but have slashed their guest list in order to get married in their backyard, on a Saturday, this August.

For Emma Hla, who happens to be the CEO Coco Wedding Venues states that the numbers during coronavirus pandemic indicate some habits among couples with the desire to strip back is among the changes. Garden’ filter has increased by 9,000% in 2019,” says Ms. Hla.”We’re in a fascinating phase at this time.

Venues looking very carefully at outdoor places and are currently crying out for clarity. As matters stand, those wanting to marry have to do the legal part in a registry office ahead to make it official as present law says marriages can only be solemnized under a roof at a permanent structure.

In 2019, the Law Commission began a review of marriage law with part of their remit being to tackle red tape around outdoor weddings. The 2021 wedding season could be overrun by parties, outside on balmy Tuesday evenings, if the law were to change.



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