A helping hand is a blessed hand; this applies to those people who always have a dominant heart that always seek to help other people in his or her society. Many people would run away from dangers and would not consider giving a helping hand and they would claim that they are waiting for the right authorities to do their work but on the contrary, they would like to be helped when they are in great danger. A recent occasion has awakened many people’s positive feelings and has created a good picture of how people should react in case they are faced withwith any danger.

It was just a matter of seconds for Justin Gavin, an 18-year-old from Waterbury, to decide whether to run towards the danger or just wait for the correct authorities. Justin was a good man with a helping heart so he went with the idea of saving the people who were in a car that was burning. This what he said to one of the newsrooms. “Life is too short, so I just thought that if that was me in that situation, I would want somebody to help me, so I did what I can do,” he said.

The teen had just got out of the bus when he saw an SUV car which had lost brakes and came to stop to and nearby parking lot. Justin rushed towards the vehicle and realized that there were three small children in the back sits in a terrifying mood together with their mother at the driver seat.

Justin was still scared the car might blow up at any moment, on a happy note he was able to rescue the four victims in the vehicle here is what Gavin said to the driver. “It’s just something I did, because what’s the point of letting somebody lose their life?”

Justin was recognized by the Waterbury police for the graceful action that he did. It’s possible that if not for Justin to help the mother and his four children would have been injured or at an extent point they would have died at the moment.

 What a graceful thing that Justin did to this family truly he deserves the hero crown. I think we should all adopt to help others when they are in need like Justin. Kudos to him for the great work.





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