In the wake of this coronavirus outbreak, many countries around the world are lockdown to minimize virus spread. In this current lockdown measures, many families are not getting many essential goods and services on which everyday life depends.

In this current condition, many children are lacking the free breakfast and lunch which they get in their school, this is the food on which families rely as they can’t afford to replace with so many schools closed.

In this painful time, in England, a teacher walks for five miles daily carrying 78 packets of lunch packed on his back for his school children. This teacher is hailed as a hero for walking so long to deliver lunch to children belonging to the disadvantaged background. The teacher delivers basic food, drinks, and other necessary supplies to the kids in need during this coronavirus lockdown. Carrying 78 packets of food on the back and walking five miles daily is a huge task that not everyone can think to do even in normal days.

Well Done Mr Powers

Many people volunteered across England to help disadvantaged families. The volunteers have delivered lunches to 1.3 million children across England. They are delivering food to children belonging to families who cannot afford food during this pandemic coronavirus lockdown.

Assistant Principal, former soldier and fitness enthusiast, Mr. Zane Powles carry 78 packed lunches in his backpack and walks around Grimsby for around five miles to deliver the food. This lunch packet contains a sandwich, a cookie, a piece of fruit, and a packet of chips. Powles delivers this pack on the doorstep of every house and knocks the door. He then retreats to a safe distance to prevent disease transmission. He checks on the family and has a quick chat.

Zane Powles says that the problem he faces while delivering food is not more than the problem these families faced during this lockdown who are forced to stay at home. He mentioned that this discomfort of a heavy load is nothing compared to the load these families carry during the lockdown of the Pandemic coronavirus outbreak.


A local mother, Claire Pulfrey, mentioned that the efforts done by the hard-working teacher is meant so much for their family and appreciate his actions for life. She also told Sky News, “It helps a lot because it means we don’t have to go out to the shops all the time to get food in for the kids. So we can keep our families safer.”

Teacher Deliver food hailed a hero

Mr. Zane Powles has been doing this good deed daily for the last three weeks. He even delivers food to children in their two week Easter break for school.

Mr. Zane Powles has been appreciated by a lot of people and even his posters had been stick to the wall in that area. Even a child chalked a message on the wall that reads, “LEGEND!! MR POWELS”, as reported by Evening Standard.

But to all this, Mr. Powles says the BBC News that he is just doing his job.


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