On a routine round, Lieutenant Matthew Castle of Martin city police Department found a wounded stray dog in Floyd County, Kentucky. The Lieutenant could not believe his eyes as the dog was hurt so badly that he was barely alive. The hungry poor animal was so weak that it can resemble a skeleton. His wounds were infested with maggots. On seeing this, Lt. Matthew knew if he had not found this poor animal, he would have died.

Stray Dog Saved by Police Officer,.

The police department tried to reach the animal rescue department but failed to contact them. So, they took the help from social media site, i.e. Facebook. The post got many views and among this, a woman named Shauna Brown came forward to help this poor dog. Shauna Brown works at the Floyd County Animal Shelter. She took the dog with her and named him Castle.

Stray Dog Saved by Police Officer,.

Shauna appreciates Martin’s efforts by posting Castle’s video on Facebook. She started medication for the maggots in his wounds and gave him fluids to recover fast.

Castle is a fighter, despite his bad condition and poor health, he never gave up. Shauna was with him at every step of recovery. She also provides Castle with a supportive stand to walk with ease. Castle was determined so they focused on improving his health. Shauna was planning to find a new home for Castle.

Stray Dog Saved by Police Officer

She was posting regular updates on Facebook about Castle’s health. She also wrote that after Castle’s first vet’s check-up, it is found that he has an elevated liver as a result of starvation. He was given antibiotics to treat anemic.

Stray Dog Saved by Police Officer,.

Shauna took x-ray testing for Castle which shows healed pelvis which was broken earlier. His femur was also healed which was shattered. Shauna planned a physiotherapy session to help him improve walking by healing his back legs again. She also wrote that castle’s initial diagnosis was not devastating but during the next vet’s check-up, she got bad news. Castle was tested positive with Parvovirus. It is a contagious disease found in dogs. With some new medicines, he was tested negative in the next test.

Stray Dog Saved by Police Officer,.


Shauna also wrote, “I have wonderful news. Castle has been discharged from the hospital and back with me. He’s eating well and using the potty outside! Can you believe all the things that he’s overcome in his short time?”

In the following days, he started to bark and also asked for food whenever he saw Shauna eating something. This is a good sign of improvement. Now, Castle is a happy dog and made friends with everyone around.


After two months, Castle was fit and even started running. But he still couldn’t use his legs much. A small surgery was planned to overcome this issue and make him pain-free.

Stray Dog Saved by Police Officer,.

Castle was ready to join his forever family in Upstate New York. His new mother Laura Colter is a Licensed Veterinary Technician who is great with animals. Laura was happy to have Castle in her life and thanked Shauna for taking care of him.



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