Johnson & Johnson company has faced lawsuits against its products especially the talc-based baby powder. They have been ordered billions of cash after losing court battles in relation to their products causing cancer. The company has however since denied these allegations saying that their products have always been tested and are pure for use. They denied these saying that its products could not be causing health problems of any kind. However, In December 2018 separate investigations by Reuters and The New York Times uncovered the fear that the company had of little amounts of asbestos getting into their products.

discontinue talc-based baby powder
discontinue talc-based baby powder

Reuters stated that from way back in 1971 to the beginning of 2000, the company sometimes could find small amounts of asbestos in the mined talc. They found it hard to handle this without telling the public. The managers, miners, doctors, and lawyers were afraid of this. Asbestos is a chemical that comes about naturally and is found close to talc. It is harmful if it gets entered on the lung tissue and can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma,

johnson baby powder
johnson baby powder

or asbestosis. With this, the company denied it saying that all these reports were false and inflammatory. On Tuesday, the company gave a statement to reiterate the news which stated that, For years scientific studies by medical experts showed that their products are safe and that they will keep on standing to defend their products, its safety, and the upcoming legal battles against it even in the courtrooms. They added that all the lawsuits against the company that has gone through appeals have all been overturned.

Back in 2018, a jury in St Louis had the company pay $4.7 billion to 22 women and their families that stated that their baby powder caused them ovarian cancer. A woman in California was paid $29 million after accusing the Johnson & Johnson of their baby powder caused her to develop mesothelioma. The company is currently appealing most of these decisions. Reuters reports that the company is facing more than 16,000 talc-associated lawsuits nationwide.

johnson & johnsn discontinue baby powder
johnson & johnson discontinue baby powder

The company’s revenue now comes from medicines that are used to treat several things ranging from painkillers to blood clots according to NPR’s Scott Horsley. Since opening up the pharmaceuticals sector, there have been more cases in court in relation to the nation’s opioid crisis. Oklahoma was the first state to take the company to court saying that they were oversupplying painkillers.

The state won the case and was eventually given $465 million. The company said that stores around the United States and Canada will continue selling all that is remaining in stock. Cornstarch-based Johnson’s Baby powder will continue being in supply to North America. The other types of powder will also continue being in supply to different countries in the world where there is higher consumer demand. Johnson & Johnson is one company working together with many others to come up with treatment options for COVID-19.


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