Sir Anthony Hopkins Faith In God Saved Him From Alcohol 

Sir Anthony Hopkins Faith In God Saved Him From Alcohol 

Sir Anthony Hopkins is a well known actor who is always in the spotlight but in the end he is also a normal human being like us. Sir Anthony Hopkins’ faith in God saved him from alcoholism and being an aesthetic.

Sir Anthony Hopkins faith in God

Sir Anthony Hopkins faith saved his life

It’s well-known that once you reach a certain height or popularity in show business you can do a fair deal of spreading positive messages and also help people in need. 

Thankfully, many celebrities understand this and engage in altruistic and philanthropic endeavors. 

Sir Anthony Hopkins: An idol

Sir Anthony Hopkins is one such celebrity whom people look up to.  Actually, he is a multi-award winning actor. And his biggest achievement in life is to turn his own life towards positiveness. Which, is inspiring others nonetheless. 

The actor openly speaks about his journey 

The 83-year-old actor speaks openly  about his journey . How did he transform from living  a meaningless life? And, began trusting in God. Even though the story is from 2018, it’s still inspiring to listen to. 

The actor-director is well known for his philanthropy work but most do not know it’s because of his new-found faith in god. 

The actor has played many dark roles in his career. And in particular his skin-crawling performance he did in Hannibal Lecter in the classic Silence of the Lambs movie series.  But, in the real world, he’s a gem. 

How the actor changed 

However, this wasn’t always the case. The pressure and fame he got from the movies the Welsh-born actor struggled with many issues. Alcoholism is one of them. 

Speaking with LEAP (Leadership, Excellence, and Accelerating Performance) foundation during an event (a group helping young people). He told how difficult it’s working with him as he usually had hangovers. 

Sir Anthony Hopkins faith in god saved him from alcoholism.
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 18: Anthony Hopkins attends the “The Two Popes” premiere during AFI FEST 2019 presented by Audi at TCL Chinese Theatre on November 18, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

But soon it all elevated and soon the actor found his life had taken a wrong turn. He no longer could cope. 

Speaking to Piers Morgan in 2011, he says he felt like he’s on the path to destruction.

Telling further the actor said it’s like being possessed by demons. An addiction you can not stop. And, millions are around you like you. 

By this time he was an alcoholic and an atheist. He felt empty as if his life had no meaning. That’s the time he joined Alcoholics Anonymous.

He was attending an AA meeting in 1975 when he met a woman. She asked him why he doesn’t trust in God? That’s when it all changed for Hopkins. 

He talked about how he could not stop from drinking. And, all he asked for was little help. And, suddenly, bingo, he found the door. 

Hopkins found God’s door 

Hopkins found solace after turning himself to God, changing his life. The desire to  drink vanished. And, never to return.

Decades later Hopkins gave an interview to the Catholic Herald. He said being an atheist seems like living in a closed cell. Not even a window. But he could not live in uncertainty. 

It’s amazing how one moment or one person can change your life. You feel happy for Sir Anthony Hopkins; he found his call for life and is inspiring others. Wouldn’t it be nice to be that person who inspires others, share if you agree.


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