Mitten Shaped Disposable Shittens Moist Wipes


With the increment in technology, human life gets easier with time. Especially, when it comes to doing basic stuff. Amazon here introduces us to this revolutionary product. Which will not only make our lives easier, rather better and hygienic. Shittens disposable are mitten-shaped wet wipes. While using the normal square shaped wipes, has a chance to put our hands at risk of getting contaminated by fecal. Here come the genius mitten-shaped wet wipes that not only provides safety of your hand from poop but also, give us some satisfaction. It is one of the best product, for new parents who are struggling with their kid’s poop.


Shitten wipes are a revolutionary product, to ease out the daily routine of human life. These products are so cool, that everybody should have it at their homes. The particular product gives a tough competition to the rough paper wipes and also Wet Square wipes. Some of the features along with the pros and cons of the product are discussed as below –

  1. Easy to use: These wipes are easy to use, and after using one can easily dispose of it.
  2. Safe to use: As one is using the product for babies or pets and that too on the sensitive parts of the body, we make sure that one doesn’t get rash or any other issue.
  3. Environmental friendly: These wipes will not harm the environment and can be easily decomposed.
  4. Soft: It is a very soft product, as it is to be used on sensitive parts of the babies.
  5. Nice smell: These mittens are shaped like a hand, and also smells amazing.
  6. Easy to fit: These mittens are made of thick material and have a great size to fits anybody’s hands.


  1. 20 pieces in one packet
  2. Easy to use
  3. Soft
  4. Environmental friendly
  5. Safe for babies and pets
  6. Get gifting option for new parents
  7. Good to go
  8. Easy for traveling or office as well


  1. One might take time to learn.
  2. Only 4 uses per mitten.


It is one of the most convenient products to make human life easier as these wipes are made of thick and made of a very soft material. These are easy to use as they are shaped by hand and smell nice. It can fit any size of hand as these are huge. The pack contains 20 wipes and one can use a mitten up to 4 times. It is a terrific product as it’s easy to use and fits up the whole hand. As it fits up the whole hand it provides safety of your hand from fecal contamination. Which usually happens if you are using Normal Square wipes. It is also a great gifting option at baby showers or to anybody who is a new parent. Most of the parents rate as one of the easiest ways to clean the butt area of their kids. Let it be a quick poop session while you are traveling or in the office. It will be easier for you with the help of shittens wipes.

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