Service to Humanity is Service to God.

“We go to Walmart today, also Lakken occurs to find an older guy who was having difficulty while shopping and locating things because of not having the ability to lift up his head and watch directly.He could see the floor hardly and the sides of himself. Lakken goes and appears at me,’ Aunt Ry can I help him’ My nephew asked him whether he’d like any help and went up to the guy. His eyes lit up and said,’Well that could be amazing guy, thank you.’Lakken ran all around the area with this guy and he had been pleased. We were told by the guy that he has not had aid in years, and that he was so glad he raced like Lakken to an smart guy! I had been proud of him! Lakken helped him to take his stuff and test out. He called a bus for him and went.The guy tried to trick Lakken and also my nephew said,’Oh thank you! however, i said that I do not require this. I liked helping you, you can keep your cash’. You do not see or get lots of men and women, let alone kids, that do all these things for individuals.”


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