6 Years Old’s Birthday Party Was Cancelled But Friends Stepped Up And Gave Him Birthday Parade

Scot Michael's 6th Birthday Party Was Cancelled Due to the Corona Virus

Scot Michael has turned six on the 22nd of March this year. He had planned his birthday celebrations quite big this year. The year last was not too happy for him as he was suffering from a juvenile asthma attack and was not in a position to move out of his bed. After prolonged treatment from one of the best pediatricians of the city, he is on the way to recovery. The Michael family has planned a surprise birthday party for their smallest member this year as he turns six. Michael’s mother Samantha prepared around 100 invitation cards all by herself as she wants to invite all her son’s friends to the gathering.

“Mommy, I hope you didn’t miss out on my new friend Harris for the bash, “said the anxious Scot.

“Of course not; my cherub! I know you will love to have your new chum at the party and I promise you to send him the very first card made,” assured Samantha.

“Oh, that would be great fun as I can learn chess from Haris. You know mom, he plays the game too well!” Scot exclaimed with great excitement.

“Oh, really Scot? You too can learn the sport from him ass well,” said Samantha.

“Of course I will, Mommy,” assured Scot

The next morning as Scot came to the breakfast table he found his parents are talking about something with serious looks on their faces. Peter, his father had his eyes glued to the newspaper as he munched on the slices of fruits laying on his plate.

Scot Michael's 6th Birthday Party Was Cancelled Due to the Corona Virus

“I have something important to tell you, son,” Peter said.

“Papa please I know what it’s gonna be. Please don’t bring the same butterscotch cake this year. Need something I haven’t eaten earlier.” Scot replied with utter promptness.

“No, my boy its something different.” The reply came in a grave voice from Peter.

Samantha who was busy slicing the bacon for breakfast came running with a serious face from the kitchen.

“What’s up to Pete? You look unnerved.” Said Samantha.

“Yes, darling! There has been an outbreak of coronavirus across the country and our government has sent a directive to its civilians to shun social gatherings.” said the anxious Peter.

“Dad, can we not have the party?” asked Scot with a shrunken face.

“No, darling. This year we cannot celebrate the way we do it every year. But, I have a plan for you. Don’t be upset. It will be no less fun for you. Let the night pass by.”

It was indeed a dull morning for the little one. He did not speak with anyone and spent most of the day looking out of the window of his room.

The next morning Peter called Scot to their gate and asked him to wait.

“Dad, what’s here? I cannot see anything or anyone around.” Asked Scot.

Scot Michael's 6th Birthday Party Was Cancelled Due to the Corona Virus

“My dear, just close your eyes and start counting backward from hundred.” Replied Peter in an amused tone.

“Hundred… ninety-nine… ninety-eight…ninety-seven…” Scot started counting.

Suddenly there was a loud noise of horn which startled him. A car stopped about 4 meters from their entrance with several laughing faces peeping out of the car window.

“Oh, Haris! It’s you?” shouted Scot in excitement.

For the next half an hour all his friends started coming one after the other in their cars, stopped for a while and delivered the gifts to Peter wishing Scot “happy birthday”.

“Thank you, dad, for the best birthday event!” Said Scot hugging his father tight.

“So my dear boy, you can even celebrate your birthday by maintaining a safe social distance.” Smiled Peter patting his son’s back with his eyes moistened by tears of joy!


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