We must take care of our nature so as nature can do the same to as. Taking care of nature means protecting our surroundings or our environment together with the other creatures we live with. However, there is an arising alarm for the rapid increase of environmental destruction by human activities which is creating great risk to humans and other animals. Humans should take part in ensuring that the environment is protected at all times.

A recent occasion of how we should take care of the environment has been seen when a blind elephant was rescued from. For 70 years an elephant named Sook Jai was being overworked and slogged at the place that she used to live before she was rescued.

Sook experienced all types of violence and torture from her ‘caregivers’. By the age of 73 years, the elephant was being used for begging in the streets and even used in trekking as a tourist elephant. As a result, she lost her hearing aid and also lost her ability to see. Sook was being given heavy-duty jobs and she had passed through many owners who had bought it for that time.

When the rescuers found her they decided to rescue her from all her misery and deprivation. She was taken to Elephant Nature Park. Although Sook had lost her hearing and sight senses, according to the rescuers the elephant shed tears of relief as she was being transported to her new comfortable home with a serene atmosphere necessary for her.

People who saw Sook being rescued were very happy and grateful to the rescue time which was rescuing her. After seven decades of grief, Sook has now a place she can call home. This was a good act which should be applied in our societies, let’s help protect our nature it’s surroundings.



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