Two female gentoo penguins have become new moms at an aquarium located in Spain and are raising the baby chick they adopted as an egg.

Officeholders at Oceanogràfic València say that Electra and Violet built a nest jointly out of stones and “began to possess the standard attitude and actions before reproduction,” consistent with a news release that was translated from Spanish.

Their caregivers decided to allow them to adopt and incubate another penguin couple’s egg, which hatched this month. Electra and Violet are now raising the baby, which can become independent after about 75 days, the aquarium said.

It’s one among three chicks born thus far this breeding season within the aquarium’s colony of 25 gentoo penguins.

Penguin parents typically alternate incubating their eggs, which usually take 38 days to hatch.      The same-sex penguin adoption may be a first for Oceanogràfic València, but the aquarium says it’s fairly common.    Denver Zoo shares the story of same-sex flamingo couple Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury. The formation of same-sex pairs is common in additional than 450 species of animals and occurs both in zoos and in nature, the discharge said.

Different zoos in the cities of London, Berlin, and Sydney have likewise had same-sex penguin families. Gentoo penguins happen to be the third-largest breed of penguin and have had a bright red-orange bill and distinctive white eye patches.

They breed on many sub-Antarctic islands and therefore their largest populations are found within the Falkland Islands and South Georgia within the southern Atlantic and the Antarctic Peninsula.


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