“Rabbit Kid”, That’s What Bullies Called Him Till, Help Came For The Boy

"Rabbit kid" Mocked For His Unusually Large Buck Teeth

“Rabbit Kid”, That’s What Bullies Called Him, Till Help Came For The Boy

Though the story of the “Rabbit kid” was published back in March 2017, it’s still one of the most inspirational stories over the years. 

The transformation from ‘rabbit kid’ to a happy smiling boy

The Christchurch teenager had bad buck teeth due to which he was bullied as a child. But, after the Kiwi’s generosity, the mother of the boy just can’t stop praising how “wonderful” the New Zealand community is. 

The story behind the “Rabbit Kid”

Evan Hill was a normal young boy in Christchurch, New Zealand. But, the cruel nicknames he had to listen to throughout his life were horrible, and “Rabbit kid” is one of them. Apart from the cruel names, he was bullied as well due to his unusually large front teeth. 

Evan Hills during the interview

Even Hill had unusually large buck teeth that were so severe, he couldn’t even close his mouth. But five years after his suffering became public, he finally got the perfect smile he’d always dreamt of. 

Monthly visits to the orthodontist have led the boy to finally remove the life-changing braces off permanently. 

The community support that gave the boy a new smile 

After Evan’s suffering became public, thousands of people from Evan’s Christchurch community and far across in New Zealand came in together responding with compassion. 

Soon thousands of dollars got collected in donations form total strangers who were eager to help the boy. Matter of fact, one orthodontist said Evan’s was the worst case he had seen in his 25 years. 

The transformation of Evan the “Rabbit kid”

Orthodontist Ronald Sluiter carried out the task of repairing the deformed teeth. To give Evan his dream smile, he had to shift Evan’s teeth 15 millimeters and transformed the smile of the boy who was called “rabbit kid” to a young confident boy with a sweet smile. He even recalled telling Evan during the procedure on what a long way they’ve come. 

Evan’s mother says she can’t thank the community enough 

Barbara Erickson, mother of Evan, said she’s forever grateful to the New Zealand community for making the impossible possible. 

She said, she doesn’t know where they would have been if not for the generosity the community showed. 

Barbara also told reporters they were looking at mortgaging their house to pay the medical bill but, the community support just blew us away. 

The suffering Evan endured from bullies

More than the fact that he had large buck teeth or he could not close his mouth, was the fact that other kids called him cruel names including “rabbit kid” and bullied him for his large buck teeth. His mother Barbara recalls how crushed she used to feel on seeing her son in so much physical and emotional pain daily. 

And, she knew his teeth could be fixed but the upwards treatment required $12,000. And, on top of her sons suffering, the Hill family had suffered a string of deaths and the devastating earthquake that impacted their house as well. Under these circumstances, the expense was beyond their ability. 

But, this plight changed when Evan made an appearance on a current affairs show. Evan shared his story on how he endured bullying because of his large buck teeth and the hardships his family had to face seeing him in so much pain. 

Even though New Zealand offers basic dental treatment totally free to patients under 18 years old, Evan was not eligible as his dental work was more advanced. 

After Evan’s treatment and removal of the braces, Barbara told reporters how excited she is to see Evan smile without any braces. 

The silver lining of the support 

From start to end, Evan’s operation totaled around $100,000 and this amount was covered entirely by the donations that poured in, but that’s not all. After Evans operations, there was still money left!

A donation trust setup for needy children like Evan 

The donations went beyond the amount needed for Evan’s treatment. Now, that money is kept as part of a trust for other children like Evan who have dental work requirements and their families cannot afford it. 

The smile he dreamt of!

After having his braces off, for the first time Evan was able to see the smile he dreamt off in the mirror… all thanks to the kindness of the New Zealand community.