Many times, you find yourself in an argument of what type of phone is the best, and of course, many people tend to defend a certain type of brand, especially one that they have at hand. However, many people have never found the perfect type of smartphone that best befit them. People also tend to have a picture of what they want but would sometimes like to know more about what to look out for as they purchase a smartphone.

How to Purchase the Best Smartphone
How to Purchase the Best Smartphone

Important Tips to Lookout When Buying a Smartphone

Here are important things to look out for when buying a smartphone brand;

There are many smartphones with varying prices. Starting with an iPhone that has a bit higher price that ranges from $250 and higher, Samsung that ranges from even $120 and higher. You should not necessarily pay more than you budgeted for. There are other options of way less and you can opt for such if you are on a tight budget.

Tips to Lookout When Buying a smartphone

Go for the right screen size. Buy a phone with a size that best fits you. There are varying screen sizes in different brands available. If you like a small screen size that fits your small hands or is generally comfortable with a small-screened smartphone, there are many phones with 5.5 inches or less size of the screen.

Choosing the right operating system is also important. iOS is easier to handle but android gives a wide variety too. If its hard to get the right one between the two, android is also easier to use and you are able to get the hottest apps as fast as they get to the app store and updates its software easily too compared to iOS.

Check how long a battery can last. Do not buy a smartphone that its battery remains less than 10 hours a day.

Tips to Lookout When Buying

Check the storage of the smartphone you get. Buy a phone that has storage not less than 32GB. If possible, acquire a smartphone that has a microSD card slot. Android phones do not necessarily have this slot.

Processors of phones are no longer that important to consider when buying a phone. Almost all phones now are of good performance for many users. If however, you want a processor that supports games; you can consider purchasing an android phone with Snapdragon 835 processor and the A11 Bionic processor in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

important Tips to Lookout When Buying
important Tips to Lookout When Buying

Do not pay more attention to camera megapixels. Camera and Battery life are features that people now consider more while purchasing smartphones. However, it’s better to pay attention to other specs such as aperture which one should consider if its lower and dual lenses and optical image stabilization.

Consider the quality of color and the kind of brightness it offers other than its resolution. Purchase a phone that offers a better bright display for one to be able to see outdoors. An AMOLED panel is better than LCD as per this feature. The latest smartphones offer HDR-High dynamic range to display more colors.


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