Prince Charles Tested Positive For COVID-19

Prince Charles

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COVID-19 a threat to the whole world.

Coronavirus, a virus that is a threat to the whole world from which almost 21,524 people have lost their lives and 478,341 are still suffering in the entire world.

Is Prince Charles suffering from coronavirus?

According to the report released by Clarence House, the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) has tested positive for the coronavirus. The news emerged on Wednesday. The 71-year-old prince took a test for coronavirus on Monday after he had displayed ‘mild symptoms of coronavirus’.

While the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla has been tested negative for the coronavirus and does not even display mild symptoms of coronavirus. Prince Charles and Camilla are now self-isolating themselves at Balmoral, the Royal family’s estate in Scotland. He has also spoken about his Illness with the Duke of Cambridge and also with the Duke of Sussex.

How Prince Charles caught coronavirus?

Prince Charles caught coronavirus
Prince Charles caught coronavirus

The report also added that it is impossible to figure out from whom Prince Charles has been affected by the virus because lately, he has visited many public engagements.

 As per his schedule, the heir of British throne also made some high-profile entrances in different places earlier this month which include benefit dinner in London which was arranged by William Russell in Mansion House, Prince Trust Awards at London Palladium. He also attended a Water aid meeting in Central London on 10th March where the Prince of Monaco Monaco,  Albert was also present who was also tested positive for COVID-19 five days ago.

After 12th March he has not been to any public engagement but has hosted a small private meeting at his own residence in Gloucestershire regarding his business. All the relevant people who have had any contact with Prince Charles during this period of time have been informed, but it is not sure if they have been tested.

The prince also scheduled a meeting with Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family before testing positive for coronavirus. But the report states that ‘Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip are healthy and safe’ and they have isolated themselves in Windsor Castle. She also mentioned that she herself and her whole family would follow the act of social distancing until the time everything is back to normal in the UK.

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What did Doctor advise to Prince Charles?

Doctor advise to Prince Charles
Doctor advise to Prince Charles

Medical professionals have advised Prince Charles to stay at home and follow the precautions and also mentioned that he is more likely to recover really soon and his condition will not lead to some serious situation.

For the recovery of Prince Charles, there is a small staff arranged for their domestic help. But the couple has advised not to interact with them physically.

Meanwhile, images emerged of Queen Elizabeth conducting her weekly audience with Boris Johnson over the telephone from her Castle.


COVID-19 is the reason for the death of almost ¼ population of the world in today’s date. It is very important to maintain social distance and follow all the guidelines of the government.

Stay quarantine, stay safe!



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