NFL Gives Away 7,500 Free Tickets To Vaccinated Healthcare Workers


The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, they are going to invite the healthcare workers as “guests” to honor and thank them for their extraordinary continued service throughout the pandemic. 

He further said in a statement released for the press, the workers have put their lives at risk to help others, and we owe them our gratitude. He also said, we hope it’s a small initiative on our behalf to inspire others in recognizing the real American heroes. 

This will also be a great opportunity to promote how important vaccination is, and to follow appropriate health care measures, including to wear masks in public areas. 

Accordingly, the NFL Chief will honor the vaccinated healthcare workers by giving free tickets of the match prior to attending the sporting event. All of the healthcare workers will receive both the COVID-19 vaccine doses prior to attending the NFL. 

While a majority of the health care workers will be from the hospital and healthcare system from Tampa Bay and Central Florida, nevertheless the other 32 NFL clubs will also be able select workers from their own respective communities. 

Apart from the free tickets, the NFL plans to give healthcare workers a grand game-day experience to recognize their efforts and their counterparts across the country. The NFL has planned a variety of special moments in the stadium and through the CBS broadcast as well. 

The winner of the AFC championship will play at the Super Bowl — that will presumably be the Kansas City Chiefs or the Buffalo Bills — as well as the NFC championship victor between the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

All safety protocols like wearing masks, social-distance, podded seats, touch less in-stadium experience at concessions, security checkpoints, restrooms, controlled entry-exit, and restrooms. 

Apart from the 7,500 healthcare workers 14,000 fans will also be attending the match at the Raymond James Stadium.