Ferrari has had the most deficient performance ever in history since 1984. Individual qualification performance into the top 20 at its home grand pix has been the lowest ever.

Sebastian Vettel is one among those that didn’t make it out of the first round of qualification. He could only master a low 17th place. Others, like Hamilton Lewis, had a poor performance as well. Charles Leclerc made into the second round but only claimed 13th position ahead of the Sundays Grand Prix.

However, Ferrari knew that it would find difficulties for speed getting into the Italian Grand Prix, but they couldn’t have ascertained that the performance could be that low. Vettel only got 45 points, Leclerc 100 point, while Lewis already had 112 points. For Vettel, things are getting worse daily after the competition has become aggressive and demanding.

Currently, Ferrari is 5th after getting 203 points, while Mercedes has 240 points from the Italian Grand Prix. Notwithstanding the driver’s efforts, lack of training during the Covid-19 pandemic is attributed to the worst performance.



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