Mark refuses to Euthanize Puppy Born Without Front Legs, Decides to Offer Him an Opportunity

Nobby had a rough start in life.  He had difficulty getting to his mother for he was born with no legs.  Nubby’s siblings pushed him away.  In addition to that, no matter how gloomy it was, the vet thought it would be best if Nobby were set down.  At that point, the little puppy was only four hours.  However, Mark, from Texas, who along with his wife Lou Robinson has embraced and cared for homeless and unwanted dogs during her life, wanted something different.

They decided to withstand the proposal of the vet and treat Nobby themselves.   There, Mark and her wife watched over the little puppy round the clock.  They gave him food, security, and love.

At first, it seemed like Nobby was doing quite well. His eyes opened, his ears are developed.  One could hear him bark. Then things began to change.  He started sneezing, He could no longer poop, and bubbles came from his nose.  Following an X-ray, it turned out that something was wrong with the esophagus. Nobby was given antibiotics and put in an incubator.

Nobby turned out to possess a will and fighting spirit which was outside of the normal. Nobby got better over the years.  The little puppy has proven he is a survivor today. Sure, life presents a few challenges for Nobby. However, he’s proven to the universe that anything is possible. He is a legitimate source of inspiration!  Although he’s not like everybody else, he is proof that being different does not matter.  He has grown up to a  big dog.  He likes to play, and he looks interested in life and all that it offers.  He even has his wheelchair, which makes it easier for him to get about and play around.