Maniacs Cover him in Superglue then Moments Before Puppy dies, Animal Rescuers Find him.

It Is hard to believe that anyone would ever hurt a puppy but unfortunately, the reality isn’t always what we’d it like to be. Luckily folks out there would not hesitate for a second to help their furry friends. Thanks to them that a pet named Charlie managed to walk away from a frightening experience with a group of disturbed men and women.

The thought that everyone would douse a pup in superglue is unthinkable. But that is exactly what occurred when a few unkind folks came upon a pup named Charlie.

After some struggling, Charlie wasn’t able to move, and as the glue hardened around the pup, it constricted him so closely that his blood circulation was cut off.

Fortunately, Pascal was found by some animal rescuers who were able to save him.  It took hours to remove the layer of glue from Charlie.  However, in the long run, the puppy managed to move. Luckily, it ended nicely for Pascal, thanks to animal advocates who refused to give up.