Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Cases Recommends Schools Closed Through Spring

There has been an increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in Iowa over the past few days. Kim Reynolds, Iowa’s governor recently announced not re-opening schools for the rest of the academic year. He announced this after a large number of COVID-19 cases were confirmed over just a single day. The Department of Public Health confirmed 191 positive new cases and 4 deaths. The governor went ahead to say that there is no need to put kids in danger by taking them back to class. The schools had closed in March hoping to reopen towards the end of April. Due to the surge, it won’t be safe to re-open, It will cause more harm than good.

owa’s Surge in COVID19

The governor said that he regretted this. He then refrained from confirming that the schools must necessarily start on August 23. She encouraged that schools must continue giving lessons online and submit a “return to learn plan” by July. He stated that students to be taught online using paper packets distributed to students all through the remainder of the year. The order not only canceled schools, but it also stopped all springs sports. The director of the Department of Public Education, Ann Lebo said that she understood the effects that closure of schools bring upon students and teachers.

Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Cases

She stated that it is a unique time for all school staff and students working to serve and study at such a time. The High school seniors class of 2020 will find difficulty during this period. They may not go to prom like other seniors of previous years, they may not attend their graduation as well. This makes a huge difference and shows how different their final high school year will be. Ann Lebo says that despite all these, they remain focused on a better future.

Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Earliest Possible Return Date

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott had earlier said on Friday that no schools in the state would be open for the rest of the Academic year. Anne Lebo later added how it had taken them a matter of weeks to come up with, plan and implement solutions about the closing of schools, which would have taken a larger amount of time amounting to even weeks were it any normal circumstance. The plans to be made includes a summer school and enrichment opportunities that would serve the purpose of addressing the commotion that COVID-19 has caused.

Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Earliest Possible Return Date

Many districts have resorted to giving Voluntary educational enrichment opportunities which are optional work that is not graded and won’t count in the class credit. These include online work and packets of paperwork. Six districts are to implement the required educational services, which means services that match the normal class students usually attend. They are to give work that is to be graded and take on their attendance. Students are to attend classes as well. The state allowed other 36 districts to offer voluntary services.