Lovely Singing and Dancing Cactus to keep your baby happy


You can buy the amazing toy from Amazon.

Everyone loves kids, especially babies, but it’s a horrible time when they cry and no matter what you do, they just won’t stop crying. You try tons of things like make weird faces, speak in a squeaky tone, try singing songs or lullabies, and even try toys. But nothing works and your heart aches to see your little one crying. Well, not any more as the Lovely Singing and Dancing Cactus is here!

On first look, it looks like a cactus made of fiber which, to a certain extent is true but the amazing part is when it wiggles. 

Lovely Singing and Dancing Cactus 

When you look at it for the first time, it’s big eyes and smiling face, which is not new in toys, still will bring a smile on your face. OK so what? Well, the lovely toy can sing and dance to amuse your child anytime anywhere. 

What makes it an ideal toy

Everyone will love this adorable little toy. And, we’re not talking about the kids but adults too. The lovely singing and dancing cactus is made of knitted plush soft material. The singing and dancing lovely toy will get the attention of not only you bit your child and makes an ideal early education toy as well.

The lovely singing and dancing cactus is made of a soft knitted non-toxic material that is 100% safe and comfortable for your child to play with. 

What does the lovely toy do? 

The lovely singing and dancing cactus can sing, dance, rotate and move. The few hours it runs, it will bring the most valuable thing to your child’s face – a smile. 

It’s a quite small yet effective toy at just 32cm or 12.60 inches in length. It powers on 3 AA batteries (the batteries are not included, you’ll have to buy your own). Just insert the batteries, press the button and watch the lovely toy sing and dance and watch as your crying baby gives a beaming smile. Your child will love the songs and one of them might just become their favorite song. 

A great gift idea 

The lovely singing and dancing cactus is an ideal gift to give to anyone no matter what age, because it can bring a smile on anyone’s face. Furthermore, the soft plush filling squeezed from the outside perfectly helps stimulate your child’s imagination and boosts their creativity levels. 

Since the lovely toy is made of electronic components, wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. 

Other uses of the toy

The electronic plush singing and dancing toy can also be used as a home decoration accessory or for decorating children’s parties. The dancing plush cactus in the pot  is a great educational toy as well with 3 pre-installed English songs. 

The songs and rhythmic dance moves will bring joy to your child. The toy is ideal to keep anywhere as it creates a good atmosphere for you and your family. 

Lovely Singing and dancing Cactus Installation method:

Open the cover and install the batteries. Switch on and let the little wizard do its job and see how your baby stops crying. You can switch the songs and see your child enjoy and sing along. You can buy the amazing toy from Amazon.