Judge Tells Rape Victim She Should Closed her legs While Getting Assaulted

Anybody who walks into the courtroom has an expectation that the individual sitting at the judge’s seat has the discernment to convict individuals that are proven guilty, and possibly even be sensitive to those that are demonstrated to be victims of their offense.

Superior Court Judge John Russo Jr. acted in a way that no alleged victim must have to be exposed to.  In 2016, the New Jersey judge made shocking remarks while presiding over a hearing in which a girl was looking for a restraining order.  She had been seeking the arrangement against a guy who raped her.

After the girl described the episode, the transcript of these court sessions shows Russo requesting the girl, “Do you know how to prevent someone from having sex with you?”

“Yes,” the girl replied and gave the hints of defending oneself and running off.  Russo responded, “Runaway.  Anything else?”

“I–that is all that I know,” said the woman.

Russo went on to state, “Block your body parts?  Close your thighs?  Call the police?  Can you do some of these things?” After the  woman left the courtroom, it was reported that the judge then joked about her into the staffers, and Chief Justice Stuart Rabner said this was”just as problematic.”

“Judges set the tone for a court.  Particularly regarding sensitive issues like domestic violence and sexual assault, that tone has to be dignified, solemn, and respectful, not demeaning or sophomoric.  [Russo] failed in this respect,”  Rabner composed in a court ruling that was registered on May 26.

Rabner also wrote, “No opinion, alleged victim, or litigant ought to be treated that way in a court of law” This 2016 episode isn’t the only instance of misconduct through the past few years on Russo’s part.

Other episodes of Russo’s misconduct also include him being biased in a situation that included his son along with his ex-wife.  Refusing to recuse himself from a spousal support case that involved his classmate from high school is also his record of misconduct.

Now, Russo can’t preside over any court session after being fired from his place.  He’s reported to have been permanently barred by New Jersey Supreme Court, and the decision was unanimous, providing Russo’s”repeated and severe acts of misconduct.