Party On This Life-Size Inflatable Speed Boat For 6 People


Buy this Life-Size Inflatable Speed Boat If you want to enjoy the sun while being on a boat with your loved ones, then this is the best product for you; It is an inflatable boat that can carry up to 6 people. Perfect for a summer lake/pool party with your family. One can enjoy and have a great boat picnic on it. With its excellent design and massive size, it is comfortable for six people. Also, its thick material and great looks make it safe and fun at the same time.


Inflatable bay breeze boat is a perfect way to enjoy your pool or lake party with your friends and family. It comes with lots of features which makes the product suitable and unique which are listed below –

  • Weight of the product: It weighs around 60 pounds.
  • Size of the product: Mega-sized floating boat. It is a large-sized boat to fit in the whole family.
  • What does it Includes:It has an inflated rear with five handles, eight cup holders, and also a built-in cooler for drinks.
  • Minimum Age to use the product: Anybody whose age is 14 or above can use it.
  • Where to use: One can use it on water or land, swimming pool, lawn, lake, etc.
  • Different Type: It has two more models, and that is a fanciful flamingo (shaped like a flamingo), swan island (formed as a swan)
  • What is the Category: It comes under the category of toys and games. Perfect for teenagers and young adults.


  • Huge size.
  • Perfect for parties.
  • 8 cup holders included.
  • Built-in cooler.
  • Thick and nice material.
  • Vinyl material.
  • Great gifting option.


  • Cannot attach the motor to it.
  • Not meant for rowing or sailing.
  • It doesn’t come with a pump.


Final verdict 

Six people, inflatable bay breeze boat island, is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy with their loved ones in the swimming pool or maybe outdoor. For its big size, it is ideal for adults or anyone whose age is 14 years or above.

It comes with five handles and 8 cup holders and an inbuilt water cooler, to make sure that your party lasts longer. With its perfect size, it will be comfortable for up to six people. It’s made of a thick vinyl material excellent for summer pool parties. It also has rapid inflation and deflation; It will be an ideal gift for anyone who is 14 or above.

It doesn’t come with an electric pump, and one easily stores it by deflating it and then towel dry it. Once it is towel dried, one can easily fold it. And place somewhere safe, don’t fold it unnecessarily. Otherwise, it might break.

A built-in cooler is perfect if you want to have cold drinks while you are enjoying in the sun.

As it is made of vinyl material make sure, you keep it away from sharp objects, let it be pins, needles, nails or scissors. Though the material is reliable and safe, but sharp objects can make holes in it.

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