How To Overcome Didaskaleinophobia, (Fear Of Going To School)


Diskaleinphobia can be described as the fear of attending school. The class of age which is mostly affected by this condition is that of most children who are joining the school for the first time. They experience this condition because they are not used to the school environment, hence they don’t like the school.

Fear Of Going To School
Fear Of Going To School

Out of the blue, you will find this disease affecting the people of higher ages or adults who are still pursuing their education, this will happen because of many reasons that we will discuss below, but before that, we should know that the condition might be treacherous to school progenies if not diagnosed appropriately by a specialist dealing with such ailment.

Signs and symptoms of Didaskeleinophobia

The following are some of the signs of the condition:

Fear Of Going To School

  • Refusing to attend schools.
  • Faking illnesses so you don’t attend school.
  • Children experiencing the condition, tend to love staying with their parents.
  • Irrational fear in children.
  • Being temperamental when you are told to go to school.
  • The people experiencing the condition tend to be over-reliant to their parents with basic necessities.
  • Having fear of something bad will happen to their loved ones when they go to school.
  • Avoiding contact with other people at school and not socializing with them well because being afraid of them.

Some of the known causes are:

  • Bullying among students or children in schools.
  • Not understanding many of the concepts taught in schools.
  • Different social classes of students in schools, their students who come from low social class hence the lower their self-esteem and they don’t want to go to school.
  • When a student has some disability and he/she is afraid of going to school.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Drugs misuse.
  • Being afraid of teachers.

Some of the further effects associated with Didaskaleinophobia

  • Depression
  • School drop out
  • Drug abuse
  • Suicide
  • Stress

Treatment and control measures of Didaskaleinophobia

  • Attending counseling sections to help the children placate their fears.
  • Parents administering their children to school so that they can have the confidence of attending schools.
  • In acute cases, medication might be administered to the patient as one of the remedy programs.
  • The medications administered include antidepressants or beta-blockers.
  • The use of the above drugs has been cogitated dangerous as it has side effects like suicide among children and many teenagers who are administered with the drugs.


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