Have You Seen Me? Savannah Police Seek Missing 14-year-old

Jacob Eli Davis

Jacob Eli Davis

Gossips about missing of a 14-year-old boy are going round in Savannah since Wednesday last. Jacob Eli Davis a teenager clad in blue jeans, black tennis shoes, and a black hoodie was last spotted on the 400 blocks of Ogeechee Road. Jacob was alone feeding some pups in his neighborhood. As per descriptions given by his family, Jacob is about 5 ft 10 inches in height and 130 lbs to weigh.

A missing diary was lodged by Jacob’s mother last Wednesday at night after she waited for the whole day for her son to return from his usual routine of feeding the pups at the neighborhood. Since then nobody at Savannah has seen him who has allegedly disappeared from the locality in broad daylight. The missing squad of the police is doing their best literally digging into every house of the area in search of the missing guy. As per the directive of the police department anyone who comes across Jacob Eli Davis must call at 911.


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