This Soap That Makes You Smell Like Gunpowder Campfire, and Whiskey


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Everybody uses soap while they take a shower.

But using the right soap that matches your personality is equally important. The way you smell tells a lot of things about you. A lot of times, other people get attracted to us by the way we smell. It tells a lot about their taste, personality, or even likes and dislikes. And if you love the smell of whiskey, then this product is made for you. Not it makes you smell good all day, and it also can be a great gifting option for your loved ones and family members.


The soap is particularly designed for someone who loves the smell of whiskey, campfire, or gunpowder. It gives you a different smell as you use it. Some key features of this product along with the pros and cons are as follows:

  • Weight of the product: It weighs around 2.4 ounce
  • Size of the product: It is a pack of two soaps.
  • What does it Includes: It has passion fruit oils, palm fruit oils, fragrance, and citric acid, which makes it smell all nice and good.
  • Minimum Age to use the product: There is no such minimum age teenagers and adults can use it.
  • Where to use:One can use it on their body, as the soap smells nice, just like a campfire.
  • What is the Category:It comes under the category of beauty and personal care. Perfect for anybody who loves the smell of whiskey, campfire, and gunpowder.


  • Nice Smell (Whiskey, Gunpowder, and Campfire)
  • Perfect for Both Men and Women
  • Easy to Use
  • Made With Ingredients Of Plants
  • Good Quality Material
  • Animal Cruelty-Free
  • Great Gifting Option
  • Paraben And DEA Free
  • Homemade Product


  • Not suitable for all skin types.
  • Not meant for babies or sensitive skin.

The fragrances used are all USA made and regulated by the FDA. These Outlaw gunpowder soaps are never tested on animals. If you’re a camping lover and live the earthy campfire smell, then this soap is just what you need. Each soap is handmade so each piece may differ in size, but these gunpowder soaps are made of love and are full of camping fire love. The soaps are made in small craft batches with all began oils combination and comes packed with a bumper sticker.
The motive behind the Outlaw company is to make products for the adventurous people who love nature. Therefore all of the materials used are from ethical companies and cause no environmental hazard.
If you feel using fruity or scented soaps is for kids then the gunpowder soaps with campfire, and whiskey smell is going to be your favorite soap. And it comes in a pack of two, so you’ll have plenty of time to book your next order as the demand for the soap is rising day by day. Made from nature oils, no chemical, no harmful test done on any animal, total eco-friendly, made by humans for humans. A natural down to earth product, you should try out once.

Final verdict 

Fire in the hole is a soap that makes sure you smell good, all day long. With its right ingredients and amazing smell, it can make your skin soft. While making sure you smell like your favorite whiskey. This soap comes into the package of two, which means you get two soaps when you buy the product. It has this overwhelming smell, which makes your day full of fragrance. We all know that the way we smell, tell a lot about us. Make sure you smell nice, with one of the most amazing soaps in the market. As these are vegan, paraben and DEA, animal cruelty-free soaps. With the right ingredients, with which you smell good all day. To be particular, it has a combination of essential oils, i.e., passion fruit oils and palm tree oils, with the right chemicals to make this soap. It is a perfect gifting option for your kids that makes your loved ones happy. Though anyone can use it, we recommend it to teenagers and adults, as kids shouldn’t be exposed to a product, with so many ingredients. This is exclusively homemade soaps whose scents are safe for the skins and have everlasting fragrance of scents used in the product.

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