GOT7 made their comeback a while back with the new album “Breath of Love: Last Piece,” with not one, bit two title tracks “Last Piece” and “Breath.” Recently the group took part in answering some questions. Here are the ones that you are most likely interested in.


One question is what is their opinion on hearing the word “romantic.”

JB said romantic to him means to respect each other, whether it’s a lover or those you are in a relationship with in general. Mark says being romantic is being happy being together even if no one says a word. It’s the same as when we see our fans. Youngjae’s idea of romance is buying nice clothes and flowers for his mother, after all she’s also a woman. Bambam on the other hand says being romantic is feelings you get from their particular charm and according to him the honest actions are the most romantic ones. For jinyoung it’s being able to respond to any situation smoothly and Yugyeom says it’s about being considerate and sincere to the person.

The other question of interest is what topics or genres that would like to perform on. JB from GOT7 said he wants to try a variety of stories. He wants to talk about various feelings and not just love, but despair and joy as well. Youngjae wants to try writing ballad songs. The subject would be real-life stories. He added he would like to write something that reminds the listeners about a particular moment that happened in their lives. Mark said he definitely would like to write one day as he has many ideas in his mind.

They were also asked about their hobbies to which JB said he’s into animation and suggests watching animated movies, Jinyoung suggests swimming as he feels it’s a difficult sport that motivates you to keep going forward. Mark likes to play games, Youngjae likes to build blocks while Bambam likes to exercise.


As is, GOT7 is promoting their fourth full album “Breath of Love: Last Piece.” This album is not like their previous one’s as it’s more meaningful and all the members have joined in to make the album. JB and Youngjae penned the title track “Last Piece” and “Breath.” Jinyoung wrote and composed “WAVE,” while Mark took part in co-writing and co-composing “Born Ready.” Bambam co-wrote and co-composed the track “Waiting for You.” Yugyeom took part in writing and composing the track “Now I’ll Do It,” and Jackson wrote the lyrics, composed and arranged the track “SPECIAL.”


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