The fewer fortunate people also deserve a chance to be happy. Giving a helping hand is the most respected and adorable thing to do in society. Celebrities and leaders also play a major in bringing people together in society and offering them any kind of help they can offer. A recent occasion has been observed from a Hollywood star that went beyond all limits to give a helping hand to the fallen soldiers’ children by giving an equal opportunity like other kids.

Gary Sinise the Hollywood star, who once played “Lt. Dan” in Forest Gump, has been trying to make peace and help the less fortunate in the society. He started this initiative when he lost both of his legs in the war in Vietnam as a veteran.

Gary has been offering help to the members of his society and the less fortunate especially the families of the fallen soldiers. On a recent occasion, Gary has done the most gracious thing to the families of the fallen soldiers using his foundation of The Gary Sinise Foundation. Gary’s foundation has a great mission in helping the less fortunate.

Sinise’s foundation partnered with American Airlines last year to offer a paid trip with to Walter Disney World for family members of fallen soldiers. In 2019 before emerging of the pandemic of COVID 19the families were flown to Disney World.

Disney World as explained in one of their websites: “The holidays can be especially challenging for grieving families. Each December, we host a five-day experience for 1750+ children of the fallen and surviving parent or guardian. As a therapeutic retreat with a blend of fun and inspiring programs, these families can lean on their peers for support.”

As per media news, the family who was offered the trip included 87 families from different U.S. cities who used different charter flights to get to the Orlando International Airport. The families which benefited from this gave out their gratitude to the people who sponsored their flights to the nice holiday that they had.

Great gratitude to Gary Sinise if the world was filled with people like him it would be a better a world for everyone to inhabit. Hoping the trend of the same will be kept by other people in the future.





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