Teaching is one of the respected professions which give one of the most essential things that is education. However, the profession is faced with numerous challenges that have a great impact on the normal running of the learning institutions.

Teachers hold the foundation of the learning institutions and they pray a great part in nourishing the children with education is the best wealth. Teachers have been respected in society for they pray a major part in society; however, they go through various challenges that bring them physically or emotionally down. A trending story has been ahead of many social media platforms after what the teacher’s words were to the parents.

A claim has been raised by one of the teachers putting it clear how parents have become irresponsible enough on the matters on their children. Former teacher Julie Marburger outlined this in her post on Facebook. She explained what kind of experience she had with children on her teaching job which she claims to quit before then end of the year.

This is what she shared: “I left work early today after an incident with a parent left me unable emotionally to continue for the day. I have already made the decision to leave at the end of this year, and today, I don’t know if I will make it even that long. Parents have become far too disrespectful, and their children are even worse. Administration always seems to err on the side of keeping the parent happy, which leaves with no way to the job I was hired to do… teach kids.”

The above was the former teacher Julie claims which has created a lot of emotions among parents some supporting her allegations while others disapprove of the same allegations. What is your take on this are her allegations valid please share your thoughts.


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