Epidemic vs Pandemic: The Time has Come to Clear all your Misconceptions

Pandemic vs Epidemic
Epidemic vs Pandemic: The Time has Come to Clear all your Misconceptions

The entire globe is spending sleepless nights due to the outbreak of coronavirus. It has taken away so many lives. Considering the current situation of the world, the World Health Organization or WHO has changed the status of the illness, COVID-19 on 11th March from epidemic to pandemic. The sudden change in the designation of the illness has made everyone confused. People find it difficult to understand the meaning of pandemic and epidemic. They now want to know the basic differences between the two terms. So, here in this post, we are going to clear all your confusions by offering some necessary insights.


Epidemic vs Pandemic

Whenever it comes to describing any matter of health, we use the term epidemic. However, at times, to describe any behavioral phenomena or behavior, we use the term as well.

But in the modern situation, this term can create confusion or misunderstandings. Moreover, the term might not describe the development or scale of disease while one uses for explaining health issues. Though words such as endemic or outbreak might be apt in some situations. While in others, the epidemic may be inappropriate in depicting the severity of the issue and in that situation, the pandemic is the word that goes well with the situation.

Things That You Should Know Now:

Epidemic vs Pandemic
Things That You Should Know Now:


Before becoming a pandemic, a disease needs to pass through a few other levels. So, here you will be going to see those levels:

  • Sporadic:

    While a disease is taking place irregularly and occasionally, then we use this term.

  • Endemic:

    A disease, which exists in a specific population or region on a permanent basis. For example, Malaria is endemic in the tropical parts of the globe.

  • Epidemic:

    An outbreak of a disease, which attacks a huge number of people at a time and might spread in one or multiple communities.

  • Pandemic:

    When an epidemic disease spreads throughout the globe, then we call it a pandemic. For E.g. COVID-19

Time to Learn the Difference Between Epidemic and Pandemic:

Difference Between Epidemic and Pandemic:
Difference Between Epidemic and Pandemic:

We know that epidemic and pandemic – these two terms have made you confused. But not anymore.


Get familiar With the Epidemic:


An epidemic is nothing but an occurrence of a disease, which spreads in no time and affects a huge number of people simultaneously. If you find a sudden rise in the number of cases of an ailment, then you can presume that an outbreak has occurred. Generally, it explains an unexpected increase. An outbreak can take place in several nations, community or any geographical area.

If any problem has gone out of control, then people use the term – epidemic.  The disease starts spreading actively during an epidemic stage.

Get Yourself Familiarize With Pandemic:

An epidemic, which associates with geographic spread and depicts a disease, it impacts the whole world or country is known as a pandemic.

An epidemic takes the shape of a pandemic while it starts spreading over geographical areas and disturbs a huge percentage of the population. In a nutshell, a pandemic is nothing but an epidemic that affects people around the globe.

Get yourself familiarize with pandemic
Get yourself familiarize with pandemic


How can one differentiate pandemic from an epidemic?

  • It affects a huge geographical area and oftentimes worldwide
  • Generally resulted in by new kind of virus
  • A large number of people gets infected
  • It spreads in no time in humans who have little to no immunity power against a virus
  • Results in more deaths
  • Moreover, creates financial loss and social disruption

What to do when declares any situation a pandemic?

When WHO or World Health Organization declares any health-related issue pandemic, then it becomes important for global and national public health companies to respond and work for the situation to the extreme level.

Countries need to work together for controlling the situation which is pandemic. When WHO declares pandemic, then it implies to raise the necessary consciousness or alertness about the situation and take the needed measures in order to control it from spreading.

Final Words

Both the terms epidemic and pandemic don’t depict the disease’s severity, rather they indicate the degree of the disease they spread.

We hope that now you have known the difference between the epidemic and pandemic and now you are able to clear others’ confusion too.


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