Dynamite To Boy With Luv: Top 15 BTS Videos To Enjoy In 2020



Over the past few years people have been listening to K-pop songs with a great amount of interest. And, over time this interest is growing day by day and now many international listeners have become their die-hard fans. There are a lot of solo and groups people are listening to but, one group in particular that’s taking the interest of everyone is — BTS. From their debut in 2013 to now, they have become a phenomenal hit and today they have fans across the globe.

BTS have given us a playlist for every occasion and every mood. Be it workout, to focus on work or just enjoy the lyrics and their singing, there’s a song for every taste. Matter of fact, their songs act like stress busters. Their videos are exhilarating and watching them dance just brightens your mood and you also want to grove along.

The most important highlight of the BTS songs which, most might not be knowing, is the songs are made for helping your mental health. Over the years the septet have worked endlessly in promoting mental health. Their songs teach us how one must love themselves and be a healthy person first.

Here is a list of 15 such phenomenal songs of BTS that will make your day:


Stay Gold



Spring Day

Fake Love


Boy With Luv



Mic Drop

Not Today

I Need You


Just One Day


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