A mother and son have just each other to lean on for assistance after a violent episode took away four family members.  The mom, Loretta Traynor, has to live the remainder of her life, knowing that it had been her very own brother accountable for her husband’s tragic death and their three lovely children. At  their funeral, 50-year-old Loretta sat in her wheelchair just a few feet away from the four caskets of her husband and children and said they Had “gone too soon, Also violently and without warning,”

“In no way, shape, or form can I believe that good will come from this catastrophe.  I can not, and I won’t take it,” she said while her only surviving son, Sam, stood next to her. When her family was shot dead, Loretta was likewise left seriously injured. Mitchell Lapa.  48-year-old Mitchell, Loretta’s brother, entered her home in Oshawa, Canada, “uninvited” before shooting the family down.

A friend of the family said that Mitchell killed the rest of Loretta’s household but intentionally left his sister hurt.  “They are saying Mitchell murdered all Loretta’s family and just injured her enough, so she would need to live without the rest of her family,” the friend said.

While speaking about Mitchell, the friend also stated,”Even as a child growing up, Mitchell was always in and out of trouble.  That was from a teen who managed to find all that time ago.  I’m not surprised by what I am hearing… He had been emotionally unstable.”

It was also reported that following Loretta’s father’s death, she and her children inherited most of their dad’s resources while her brother, Mitchell, was cut out from it for the most part, as reported by CBC. He decided to get back at his sister by taking away her husband’s life, Chris, and their kids.

After Mitchell launched the brutal attack on Loretta’s household, he has left her sister devastated from the loss, also heartbroken in the passing of her three children, 20-year-old Bradley, 15-year-old Adelaide, and 11-year-old Joseph.  Sam, her eldest son, lived because he was not at home when the grisly attack took place.

As Loretta sat in her wheelchair at St. Mary of the Individuals Parish in Oshawa, based on CTV news, ” she advised the service-attenders that the passing of her husband and kids has sent to”dark regions.”  But she added,”. . .what I have to take with me is that light I have found from all of you.  You have given me a lens into my loved ones that I did not have, and that is a gift for that I’m forever thankful.”





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