johnson & johnsn discontinue baby powder

J&J to Stop Sales talc-based baby powder in Canada

Johnson & Johnson company has faced lawsuits against its products especially the talc-based baby powder. They have been ordered billions of cash after losing...
14 year old teenager girl abducted in Idaho

AMBER Alert Issued for Girl Abducted in Idaho

There has been much hue and cry since the early hours of the morning from the localities of Idaho in Rupert over the missing...
Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Earliest Possible Return Date

Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Cases Recommends Schools Closed Through Spring

There has been an increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in Iowa over the past few days. Kim Reynolds, Iowa’s governor recently...
American Flag Projected onto Matterhorn in Swiss Alps

American Flag Projected onto Matterhorn in Swiss Alps in Show of Coronavirus Solidarity

Matterhorn is known to be the symbol of Switzerland that as well as symbolizes strength and stability. Over the past few weeks Gerry Hofstetter,...
Jacob Eli Davis

Have You Seen Me? Savannah Police Seek Missing 14-year-old

Gossips about missing of a 14-year-old boy are going round in Savannah since Wednesday last. Jacob Eli Davis a teenager clad in blue jeans,...
177 countries across the world are hit by deadly CoVid 19

Deadly COVID 19- Death Toll In Italy Rises Above 11,000

177 countries of the world have been hit by the deadly CoVid  19 or Coronavirus with its worst math on Italy which records a...
Coronavirus Outbreak

Will Heat Kill Corona Virus? This Is What Scientist Says.

INTRODUCTION Since the outbreak starts affecting citizens outside China, everyone was wondering for preventative measures to overcome this virus. In the first round, of course,...

10 of the Worst Pandemics in History

The year 2020 is one of the pandemic years we have come across. You would be surprised to know that this year marks the...
Prince Charles

Prince Charles Tested Positive For COVID-19

COVID-19 a threat to the whole world. Coronavirus, a virus that is a threat to the whole world from which almost 21,524 people have lost...
coronavirus real time updates

COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic Real Time Updates

 Coronavirus Update (Live): 424,110 Cases and 18,930 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Outbreak - Worldometer Type a message
Pandemic vs Epidemic

Epidemic vs Pandemic: The Time has Come to Clear all your Misconceptions

The entire globe is spending sleepless nights due to the outbreak of coronavirus. It has taken away so many lives. Considering the current situation...
Heartwarming To See the Italians Sing Togetherk

Heartwarming To See the Italians Sing Together from Balconies While in Quarantine

The music itself is a language to express any kind of feelings for any nation, person or religion. Therefore, it has become a medium...

Italians Sing Out From Balconies to Lift Spirits Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

2020, the second decade of the 21st century has made us surprised and awestruck before the death and affectation from dangerous COVID 19, which...

What Happens When British Royal Couple Visits Pakistan?

Pakistan is a south Asian country. Overall, the country is beautiful with so many things to offer. Let it be nature, food, or loving...
Kartarpur Corridor

India And Pakistan On The Threshold Of A New History: Kartarpur Corridor Opens For...

  India and Pakistan are standing on the threshold of a new Dawn after the ages of unrest political days since the independence of both...