precautions during self-isolations

What are the Safety Measures You Should Take During Self-isolation

COVID -19 or Coronavirus as it is commonly called is the biggest threat to the world at the present time. More than 85 million...
important Tips to Lookout When Buying

Buying Guide: How to Purchase the Best Smartphone

Many times, you find yourself in an argument of what type of phone is the best, and of course, many people tend to defend...
How to make Hand Sanitizer

How To Make Hand Sanitizer at Home

Make hand sanitizer at home, We are all in a state of uncertainty and anxiety since the Covid-19 pandemic has spread across the world...
Important Tips To Make Your Grocery Shopping Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic

Important Tips To Make Your Grocery Shopping Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic

Grocery remains an indispensable part of our culinary and gastronomic customs and even when the world is hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot...
Terminally ill Boy Writes His Own Obituary Before Dying, Here is a Letter

Terminally ill Boy Writes His Own Obituary Before Dying, Here is the Letter

“Live Each Day As If It Was Your Last”, by Steve Jobs. You might have heard this quote once in your lifetime. But what...
Woman with Down syndrome given little chance of survival recovers from coronavirus

Woman With Down Syndrome Recovers From Coronavirus When Everyone Gave Up on Her

When a 36-year-old Pamela was diagnosed with pandemic coronavirus, her mother Zoila was devastated. The chances for Pamela to recover were a little low...
Disabled Woman Without Arms Has Been Making Masks Using A Sewing Machine

Disabled Woman Without Arms Doing Great Job Using A Sewing Machine And Her Feet

Nothing can stop you if you have the desire to do something. People with desire have learned to overcome their disabilities. This is the...
Meet the 5-year-old now being called the “most beautiful girl in the world” online

5-year-old Resembled to Living Doll in Nigeria, Most Beautiful in the World

Every child is special in different ways. Every parent thinks that their child is the most beautiful kid in this world. Everyone thinks their...
The Lockdown in South Africa doesnt seem to have affected Lions

The Lockdown in South Africa Doesn’t Seem to Have Affected Lions

Coronavirus pandemic has become a significant threat to the world as cases of deaths continue to rise. The world economy is also under a...
Giant Insect known as "Murder Hornets" Visits at USA for First Time

Giant Insect known as “Murder Hornets” Visits at USA for First Time

A massacre was reported in the United States when a beekeeper came to check on his beehive. According to the report, an entire colony...
Stray Dog Saved by Police Officer,.

Emaciated , Shot,and Maggot Ridden Stray Dog Saved by Police Officer

On a routine round, Lieutenant Matthew Castle of Martin city police Department found a wounded stray dog in Floyd County, Kentucky. The Lieutenant could...
Single foster mom recalls her journey to family of four: ”Love has no color in my home”

”Love Has no Color in My Home” Single Foster Mom Starts Her Journey With...

We often say truth is stranger than fiction but how many of us have actually lived this experience in our lives? But the story...
Walks 5 Miles Every Day To Deliver Food Is Hailed a Hero

Respect:Teacher Who Walks 5 Miles Every Day To Deliver Food Is Hailed a Hero

In the wake of this coronavirus outbreak, many countries around the world are lockdown to minimize virus spread. In this current lockdown measures, many...
Virus Outbreak Italy Centenarian Survivor

106-Year-Old Grand Maa Who Survived Spanish Flu, Now beats Covid-19

We have often heard of miracles happening in our lives but few of us are fortunate enough to experience such a stroke of luck...

Abused Dog Covered in Scars But A Stranger Came Like a Hero To Save...

Helping is a good deed and those who help animals in need are like to hero.  Everyone needs love and care; even the animals....

She Lost Her Brother But Found a Long Lost Sister After Many Days

We have seen our grandparents passed away, we have even seen our parents left to heaven but the hard part comes when we see...