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Are you eating healthy but not seeing satisfactory results of your weight loss efforts? Exercising is what can boost the process of your weight loss and can make you less questionable about how to lose weight further. This category of explains all the exercise and workout plans according to your energy and potential level that can assist you with your exercise routine. This category talks about how and from where you can start your exercise as a beginner and how to improve your exercise if you are already in to lose weight. Ranging from walking, jogging and stretching to squats, crunches, and push-ups and then to advance gym training, is here to help you with your exercise. In this category, it is also discussed that how much time you need to spend in exercise according to your BMI. All of the articles written under this category are highly researched and authentic to lose weight. You can even open on your gadgets to follow a certain exercise guide with your friend at home in the absence of a professional trainer and it will not mislead you.