Easy Steps to Lose Weight amid Covid-19 Stay Home Restrictions

Ways to Lose Weight Eating habits have changed because of technological and time changes. Everything is evolving, including food; in a short time, possibly change...
symptoms of corona virus

Coronavirus Symptoms And How It Effects Our Body

The coronavirus is a lethal virus that causes respiratory illnesses. It is transmitted through touch and that is why people are advised to wash...

Best way to Manage Your Bipolar Disorder: diagnosis and treatment

Bipolar disorder is a fairly serious disorder. The term Bipolar disorder has been a bit overused, even inappropriately, to indicate behaviors not always classifiable...
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12 incredible Health Benefits of Coffee That You Need to Know

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages across the world. According to modern scientific research, drinking coffee in a measured quantity (3-4...

How to Lose Arm Fat Fast For Females? Here are the Best Effective Ways...

Obesity is always a complex issue and losing weight from a specific area of your body is even trickier. There are various contributing factors...

10 of the Worst Pandemics in History

The year 2020 is one of the pandemic years we have come across. You would be surprised to know that this year marks the...
Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Earliest Possible Return Date

Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Cases Recommends Schools Closed Through Spring

There has been an increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in Iowa over the past few days. Kim Reynolds, Iowa’s governor recently...

15 Mouth Watering Dishes From Pakistan

If you ever had visited Pakistan or know anyone in Pakistan then surely you know how crazy is Pakistan's for food. Their food is...
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Green Tea’s Amazing Health Benefits Make It An Amazing Beverage For All Ages

  Green tea or as it is scientifically known as Camellia sinensis is the same tea that is taken as an energizing drink for centuries. ...
Coronavirus Outbreak

Will Heat Kill Corona Virus? This Is What Scientist Says.

INTRODUCTION Since the outbreak starts affecting citizens outside China, everyone was wondering for preventative measures to overcome this virus. In the first round, of course,...
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Reasons For Early or Premature Menopause in Women

Early or premature menopause can be a cause of immense emotional disturbance to any woman as it means termination of her reproductive life. In...

10 Tips To Lose Weight Quickly and Easily While at Home

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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy.

Ways to keep your kidneys healthy Kidneys are organs situated on each side of your spine, at the bottom of your rib cage.  They perform...

15 Easy Ways To Make Halloween Cookies At Home

If you are planning a Halloween party then cookies are the best dessert that could be served to the guest. And especially these frightful...
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The Common Cold: Symptoms,Causes and Treatment

Common flu, also influenza is a kind of respiratory illness with its symptoms like both chest and head cold, Common flu is caused by...
Carrot & Ginger Pudding

Steamed Carrot & Ginger Pudding Homemade Recipe

Steamed puddings are antiquated desserts that were common in England before people had proper reliable ovens. Steamed pudding lies somewhere in the middle of...