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Coronavirus Symptoms And How It Effects Our Body

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Chocolate Cake Recipe

The Easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever

YIELDS 12 servings COOKING TIME 1 hour 30 minutes A rich chocolate cake is constructed in two tiers. The sponge is moist and delectable and melts in your...

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12 incredible Health Benefits of Coffee That You Need to Know

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9 Best Natural Remedies To Reduce Cholesterol Forever

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Easy Steps to Lose Weight amid Covid-19 Stay Home Restrictions

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Do Face Masks Really Help in Preventing Coronavirus?

In the wake of noxious outspread diseases known as coronavirus, everyone is anxious about how to prevent this disease...
Premature Menopause in Women

Reasons For Early or Premature Menopause in Women

Early or premature menopause can be a cause of immense emotional disturbance to any woman as it means termination of her reproductive life. In...
Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Earliest Possible Return Date

Iowa’s Surge in COVID19 Cases Recommends Schools Closed Through Spring

There has been an increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in Iowa over the past few days. Kim Reynolds, Iowa’s governor recently...

8 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Boost Your Health In Your Daily Life

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Heartwarming To See the Italians Sing Together from Balconies While in Quarantine

The music itself is a language to express any kind of feelings for any nation, person or religion. Therefore, it has become a medium...

JHURI ALU BHAJA (Crisp, golden, Bengali potato fries).

  A step-by-step recipe that walks you through the process of making the perfectly fine, crisp, golden potato fries every single time. Jhuri alu bhaja needs no...
johnson & johnsn discontinue baby powder

J&J to Stop Sales talc-based baby powder in Canada

Johnson & Johnson company has faced lawsuits against its products especially the talc-based baby powder. They have been ordered billions of cash after losing...