Bullies left a 16-year-old Boy Fighting for Life with a Fractured Skull

Bullying in any way is a mere show of power over the weaker ones by people who don’t know how to stand tall within a society with pride and dignity.  Often it leaves the sufferers seriously injured or emotionally scarred for life.  In a similar event, an innocent 16-year-old boy is left fighting for his life.

Neo Hobbs of Elko, Nevada suffered severe injuries to his mind following a grisly attack with a bully on January 17, 2019.  He ended up with a fractured skull alongside a bleeding head.  It might take him months to get up to normal again.  While no individual or individuals are found guilty for the action, the college is trying its best to cover up the incident.

Neo’s mum Sandra Davidson revealed that her son was complaining about the bullying he had been residing in school.  Tearfully explaining the situation, she explained,”This boy was saying things about him being bullied and that I told Neo,’Just dismiss it’  He says,’I’m, mom.  The best I could.'”  She recalled her son’s fear of this anonymous bully.  She tried to assist Neo but he feared that outing the bully’s tittle would only worsen the situation.

Sandra recalls the day she got a phone call from  Neo’s college.  They stated Neo injuries were so severe that he needed to visit a hospital at Elko.  “All I know is that he had been struck,” she explained.  He was flown to Salt Lake City for brain operation for a CAT scan that revealed that his mind was bleeding.

While Neo’s family believed that the bully was behind Neo’s tragic situation, the Elko High School’s district superintendent maintained that the alleged assault was really a confrontation type that involved only punches.  But the life-threatening injuries suggested differently.

The doctors insisted that the injuries could not have happened without an extreme effect.  The pressure did not only leave the mind bleeding but in addition, it also affected the skull.  A fistfight and a fall aren’t sufficient to trigger such injuries.  “He must have been struck by something,” said the physicians.

After the dreadful episode, Neo slipped into a coma and spent 12 days in the ICU at Primary Children’s Hospital before being transferred into a trauma unit.  It is likely to be a very long painful journey for the family .  He needs to get a great deal of physical treatment.  He’s got to learn how to walk, speak, brush his teeth, and feed himself.  He has to know all that over again.