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JHURI ALU BHAJA (Crisp, golden, Bengali potato fries).

A step-by-step recipe that walks you through the process of making the perfectly fine, crisp, golden potato fries every single time. Jhuri alu bhaja needs no qualification to occupy a spot in the Bengali cooking canon. Crispy,…

Steamed Carrot & Ginger Pudding Recipe

Steamed puddings are antiquated desserts that were common in England before people had proper reliable ovens. Steamed pudding lies somewhere in the middle of the cake–pudding continuum—neither as light and airy as a cake, nor as…

The Easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever

YIELDS 12 servings COOKING TIME 1 hour 30 minutes A rich chocolate cake is constructed in two tiers. The sponge is moist and delectable and melts in your mouth. Intervening between the sponges and smothered around them is a…

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